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Sensors Throttle Position Sensors

Motorsport TPS 3Pin CW Rotation

0-5volt, 3 Pin, CW Rotation, 8mm D-Shaft, Inc Plug & Pins

Raceworks Motorsport 3pin CW/CCW TPS

0.5V, Single Rotation, but reversible mounting. Therefore, can be used for CW or CCW rotation. 8mm D Shaft, includes Deutsch Plug & Pins

Variohm EuroSensor Contactless TPS

0-5V, 6wire, Dual Rotation, 8mm D Shaft, IP68 Rated, Includes Deutsch Plug & Pins.
Conventional Resistive Throttle Position Sensors are fairly robust, but if you want a step up, you can't beat a contactless TPS. Suitable the most harsh and demanding environments, including motorsport, marine etc. This sensor has no mechanical stops, it can rotate 360 degrees. It is an active sensor.