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About Us

SXD – Spanto Xtreme Distributing Pty Ltd Performance Parts started in the April 2006 with the ideal of delivering quality Performance Parts at the best prices. It represents some of the best, most recognised performance component companies in business today, and strives to provide services and products that take the automotive industry to the next level.

SXD Performance Parts was founded by Spiro Papadimatos, a fully licensed motor mechanic with over 25 years of experience in the industry in both modifying, repairing and tuning high performance motor vehicles, Joe Muscat sales manager with extensive experience in supply and distribution.

Based in Sydney, SXD Performance Parts are at the forefront of the automotive modification industry, representing leading brands such as Racworks, Winmax Brake Pads, BMC Filetrs, X Force Exhaust, K & N Filters, Taipan Exhaust, Safari 4x4 Engineering, Unichip, Haltech ECU, Exteme Clutches, Air Power Systems (APS), Billet Products, Process West, Yella Terra, Racing Fuels, SCT, Herrod, Dyno Dynamics  and more. SXD also have also have their own range of products which they have sourced from local and international manufacturers, including exhausts, fuel pumps, injectors, vale springs, gauges and more. These products offer the best in quality and performance, matched with the best price. SXD experience in the automotive industry is at the heart of the company's ethos. With the ever expanding and improving state of the automotive industry, the need for more efficient, effective and affordable performance parts has driven the creation of this company. From high performance sports cars to the family 5 seater sedan, the technological innovations present in today's motor vehicles can be easily improved, with considerable performance, fuel economy and drivability unlocked with the simple addition of components from the wide range of developers that SXD represents.
Supplying these products to you, the retail chain, is what we also pride ourselves in. Fast national distribution of these kits and components is critical to our success to ensure your business functions as best as possible.
Please take the time to thoroughly browse our website and let us know if you require any additional information on any of the products available. SXD Performance Products look forward to providing you with the best Performance Parts.